From the 19th of March to the 2nd of June, the sculptor Robert Arnoux is invited by the prestigious Bagatelle park.

Around thirty of his "little human societies" are going to find themselves around the water spots and the different gardens, in this well known romantic parc of the 18th century. Robert Arnoux is opening a new way of looking, through a poetic dialogue between his "personae" and the garden.

Robert Arnoux has chosen to create a dialogue between the ideal Bagatelle space and his poetic and humanistic artworks. Since 10 years his curious "personae" have been seen, showing their slender silhouettes, simplified to the extreme, alone, in couples or as families in the most beautiful parcs and gardens of France like Auvers sur Oise, St Jean de Beauregard, le Vert Bois in Marcq en Baroeul, Le jardin du Point du Jour and also les jardins de Séricourt" garden of the 2012 year, where he was invited all last summer. His silhouettes carved from one block of stone are like a mirror placed in front of the passerby, a concentrate of standstill humanity, although extremely alive. These artworks tend towards abstraction and "pure lines" to express the essence of being, reunited as in an outdoors human comedy.

In Bagatelle, a place of pleasure and freedom, he remind us of the search for happiness and shared love, or the art of living together in a pacefull society, respectful of nature. This exhibition is to honour the memory of the photographer Edouard Boubat and is made in reference to the writer Christian Boubin's book "l'homme-joie" witch allowed him to name his last sculpture "l'homme-joie".

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